First-hand Field Development Newswire

With real zeal the first-hand Field Development newswire highlights construction market opportunities.

It tracks global field development activity from initial licensing and field discovery right through the planning stages to construction tendering and award. It also keeps track of the main equipment and players active in the market.

Strategic Offshore Research is dedicated to getting the right information to the right people at the right time. We recognise that there is no substitute for first hand research and accurate, unbiased information. Obtaining timely and commercially sensitive data on a regular basis is not easy, but we are dedicated to providing this continuously. This comes from our reporting staff having unparalleled market experience and knowledge.

The unique information provided within the first-hand Field Development newswire service includes: prospects, finds and early planning details plus development scenarios; pipeline routes, lengths and diameters; tender timings; anticipated contract awards and values; corporate developments, mergers and acquisitions; and financial performance from key market players.

The first-hand Field Development newswire is delivered twice a week directly to subscribers by email, bringing them the most timely and useful commercial intelligence in a snappy format. It has to, because time is money and the market needs to get to the facts as quickly as possible and have opportunities highlighted as early as possible.

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