Bespoke Forecasts and Analysis

We take our unparalleled knowledge of the day-to-day subsea market and its players to produce long-term market forecasts.

Our analysis of the forward market is anything but dry and staid. It translates the forward demand and supply trends into everyday implications for the whole market. We make real sense of what the raw numbers mean for the market both in terms of trends, future prospects and, more importantly, money.

Any forecast is only as good as the information behind it. We have a “ground-up” information gathering policy so that the data behind our market models is both highly detailed and crucially consistent. Our market models are built on decades of real market experience. We know that all markets are about ups and downs and knowing where the market is in any given cycle. Forecasts that show exponential growth make no sense to us, as the subsea market is all about boom and bust and fluctuations. Demand is only one element. We tie together all the complex strands into straightforward answers. We produce an annual forecast - The Global Subsea Market Report - and we regularly do ad-hoc work for specific clients.

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